bike shops in bradford, leeds, harrogate

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does anyone know of any bike shops in this part of yorks that cater for the leisure market, i.e dawes, specialized, trek hybrids.

my mum wants a bike and i don't think sending her to bob jackson's is a good idea. then again, she could always try the vigorelli.



  • Evans Cycles in castleford does specialized, trek and dawes you could try there, Theres also woodrup cycles on kirkstall road in leeds not sure what brands they sell but they are a good bike shop!
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    Edinburgh Co-op in Leeds have lots of leisure bikes, including their own range.

    Spa Cycles in Harrogate do leisure bikes:

    If you can get through to York (bout 40 mins from Hgate and Leeds), then Cycle Heaven are specialists in leisure bikes:

    where there's two wheels, there's a way....

    where there's two wheels, there's a way....