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Coroner's comments on Welsh tragedy

Stuck on a GiantStuck on a Giant Posts: 256
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I've just seen the report on the BBC website about the start of the inquest, and seen the coroner reported as saying 'He also told the jury they would have to consider whether it was safe for cyclists to be out.'
Now I hope this is an issue he deals with quickly, but given what is known about this, it seems to suggest a lack of impartiality when the right of those to go lawfully about there business is being questioned.
I do hope I'm over-reacting to a comment reported out of context.


  • andy_wrxandy_wrx Posts: 3,396

    I would hope the coroner was referring to the icy roads, meaning that it might be hazardous for cyclists to be out because they might slip/skid/crash/etc on the ice

    In which case, it would either be
    - up to the cyclists' judgement, *<b>unless</b>* he's suggesting the law is to be changed to prevent cyclists going out when it's icy
    - the fault of the council for not gritting and making the roads safe

    *<b>BUT</b>* if he's suggesting that it was dangerous because someone else in a car/truck/bus/whatever might lose control on the ice and slip/skid/crash into them...[:(!]
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