Infamous Giant creaking saddle post

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Had a SCR 3 since November and developed the famous creak which I couldn't figure out where was coming from. Then I had read what it was on here I wasn't too bothered about it but eventually got round to getting some grease removing plastic greasing all up etc...

Creaking is still there! Took out the seat post and plastic and when I ride it, it still creaks. Presumably those of you who diagnosed it the creaking stopped if you rode it with no seat post?

Now realised I don't think its just coming from the saddle think I have a similar sounding creak coming from somewhere around the steam/fork area. Presume I need to strip the stem and aheadset and grease it all up?

Not really dealved into this part of a road bike before (only my old style MTB one, is it called threaded quill system or something like that?). Anyone know any guides online for stripping and greasing ahead set? Is it a difficult job. Any other suggestions where creaking could be from? I find it really hard to hear where a noise is coming from as I'm cycling along. Could also be from the BB but think its from the fork, handlebar area.#


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    There's a removable shim - did you take it out and grease the outside of it? If you didn't then that's probably the problem.

    And before you remove your headset try removing the bolts that fix the stem to the handlebars and grease them.

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    More problems but still living....
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    Just click on the relevant part of the bike silhouette for assistance
  • Yep did the plastic shim also and "packed it with grease" as I remember someones advice from here being.

    Thanks for suggestion about handlebar bolts, will try that but think noise is further down e.g. where fork is going through frame.
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    Lube stem and re-tighten. If it stops creaking when riding off the seat then seatpost related. Mates did the same.

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  • Havent got that problem on my scr3 yet, however it is there and quite bad on my Giant XTC3 seat post

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    not another one
    this drove me mad for about a week
    REALLY tightened the seatpost and it disappeared as if by magic
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    I suffered with the creaking seatpost and I also had a creak coming from the front end. I checked that all bolts were really tight.. It drove me nuts for weeks.
    In the end I found out what it was, where the gear cables run from the handlebars down the frame, it sits in a type of bracket, the metal 'nipple' that holds it in place was rubbing, I squirted some GT85 around the cable end at it sorted it out.
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    Hi everybody. I think I kicked the last creaking seatpost thread off a month or so ago. Greasing the shim has worked for me, but funnily enough had to re-grease it tonight for the third time since the original recommendation - obviously going to be recurring niggle. Interested to hear about the other creak coming from the front cable nipple - had thought that I was imagining a minor creak from that area as well but couldn't pin it down. Getting through this teflon grease pretty quickly now....need a new tube soon.