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Front Mech and Chainring Problem

edited June 2007 in Workshop
Hello Everyone,

My parnter has started riding in the past couple of months and so I got her a Trek 1000 with a triple chainset. She's been out for a few 25 mile rides, mostly on the flat and she seemed to be getting on alright with changing through the chainring. However we went out on a more hilly ride at the weekend there and the chain would fall off the chainring with changing from the middle to the small ring. It wouldn't do it all the time, maybe once or twice our if 10 times. I moved the low limiter slightly over so it didn't push the chain over so much, but it didn't seem to help.

I'll hopefully be able to take it to the lbs this week, but does anyone have thoughts on what could be wrong? My feeling is that the cable has maybe stretched after a little use, but I expect it could be one of a few things.



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