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40 hole hub with 36 hole rim?

LandslideLandslide Posts: 34
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Any one got any experience of lacing up a wheel like this? My mate's got a cheap 40 hole hub he wants to build up for a fixie, but is working to a shoestring budget so would like to use a 36 hole rim he's got lying around as a spare.

An overly simplistic view would suggest missing out a couple of spokes from each side, but I suspect it's not quite that simple!

Any advice gratefully received...


  • SDPSDP Posts: 665
    not possibe ...& will look an absolute mess if you try ...

    you can pick up 36h rims on a shoestring budget
  • hubgearfreakhubgearfreak Posts: 480
    SPD, you didn't read the question, did you?

    landslide....sure just put 18 spokes in 18 of the 20 holes each side.
    try it and see, it might look untidy, but my guess is it's got to work
  • I've heard of people riding on 36 hole hub/rim combinations with 6 or 7 spokes missing, okay so the strength is compromised, and it looks odd. It does work though.

    I don't think I'd do it personally, I wouldn't trust the strength of it, but it's definitely possible, if not advisable!
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