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Rich Hcp
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I only use my bike for fitness, I'm not bothered about racing.

It's getting warmer and I'm not sure which is best.

Do I stick with bottles on cages on the frame of go for a Camelback type?

Bottles get dirty and dusty.

Camelbacks, are they comfortable?

(I'm thinking of a 2 litre max capacity one)

Thanks for your help[8D]


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  • nmcgann
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    I have a Camelbak Lobo (2 litre) which I use for summer road riding. Generally if I'm out for up to 2h I'll use bottles, over that and I use the 'bak. Also, I only use plain water in the 'bak - I'm too lazy to clean it as much is as necessary with carb drinks.

    The lobo has just enough storage capacity to be useful and is small enough not to be bulky. I find it comfortable, but it's an individual thing.

    It certainly makes you stand out among road riders, I think there are maybe 2-3 of us in my club that use a 'bak on the road.

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  • Mister Paul
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    I've got one -a cheap Decathlon one- but I don't use it much. Like all things that go on your back, they stop the sweat evaporating.

    I find a couple of the biggest cage bottles is sufficient. You can usually find somewhere to fill them up when they run out.

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  • Anonymous
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    I use a Camelbak blowfish 3 litre all the time warm juice in the winter an ice pack for the summer stays cool for over 3 hours

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  • Aidocp
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    I got a cheap one out of Aldi's, can't really comment on how good it is, I've only used it once, I prefer a bottle or two.

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  • McBain_v1
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    I have a CamelBak MULET which has a 3l capacity, although I rarely fill it that full. My new bestest bike also has two water bottle mounts and I intend to get some bottles as well. My usual ride is about 60miles and so I find that bottles are fine (1 on the way out, 1 for the way back), however the Camelbak is very comfortable and allows me to stash away plenty of tubes, tools and other gubbins (e.g. mobile phone, cash) without having it all jingling around in jersey pockets.

    Try before you buy would be the best advice.

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  • DLB
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    You could try a cheap one for about œ10 from Tesco or decathlon and then buy a more expensive one if you decide you like them.

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    *** Whether you think you can or think you can\'t, you\'re probably right ***
  • JWSurrey
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    I don't like having anything stuck to my back - especially if it's hot - Just a couple of the largest standard bottles I can get hold of that fit in standard cages - preferably with a rubber top.

    Try some Nuun in one of your bottles - Keeps me hydrated longer, and zero carbs.
  • MichaelW
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    I use bottle but only the kind with a protective flip lid. I realy dont want cow-poo and the remains of road-kill clinging to my bottle.