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Pedal Tension Adjustment

cycologistcycologist Posts: 1,136
edited June 2007 in Workshop
So I bought a pair of M520 SPD pedals and set about adjusting the relaease tension to the weakest setting with a view to increasing it bit by bit to achieve the optimum position. Even on the weakest setting it was much more difficult to release than the old pedals that I had replaced. In fact there doesn't seem to be any real differnce between the weakest and the strongest binding settings. Would the fact that I was still using the old cleats rather than the new ones supplied make any differnce ?

Two wheels good,four wheels bad
Two wheels good,four wheels bad


  • monty_dogcpmonty_dogcp Posts: 382
    Yes- worn SPD cleats gets increasing hard to release to the point of nearly impossible
  • StevieGcpStevieGcp Posts: 25
    Give the new cleats a try. Nevertheless, adjusting the release tension should make a big diff. I have the M540s and at their full tension, it requires a pretty strong side swipe to release from them. If the tension isn't changing significantly, there may be a fault.

  • cycologistcycologist Posts: 1,136
    Used the new cleats and it was much better. Cheers guys.

    Two wheels good,four wheels bad
    Two wheels good,four wheels bad
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