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GP 4000's

RichardPcpRichardPcp Posts: 90
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I am having terrible trouble getting these onto Mavic Ksyriums, to the point I am probably going to stop using them as changing an inner tube with these on when it is wet and I am tired will be impossible.

Anybody else have this problem, discovered why (I think it is variable production quality as I have used some with no problem on the same wheels) and found a suitable alternative tyre?


  • JWSurreyJWSurrey Posts: 1,173
    Don't give-in.
    I had terrible trouble with Ultra-sports.
    The solution for me was to purchase a "VAR Tool" available from either SJS Cycles, or Bikeplus online. I believe Bikeplus throw in some instructions.

    It reduced 7 days of struggling, to about 2 minutes! Great device and no larger than a pack of 3 levers. "I don't leave home without it!"
  • MarktaMarkta Posts: 767
    Very surprised you're having trouble with them; the beading on the GP4000's are one of the most supple and giving I've seen and can usually dismount and remount them with only one tyre lever. I use them on Ksyrium ES wheels without any problem.
  • I use GP4000s on Aksium wheels, they were tight but manageable to put on, and I can get them off fine to change a tyre. Maybe its just a one off?

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  • benanzabenanza Posts: 6
    I use them on Equipes and I've found them tight but everything got a whole lot easier when making sure that the last bit of the tyre that I would be popping back on was around the valve, working the tyre with both hands to this point and then pushing the final bit over the lip. It really makes ALL the difference to getting it back on.
  • onceboyonceboy Posts: 30
    hi guys I,m looking to change to GP4000 tyres fitting them to my mavic elites currently running on Hutchisons ,these just fall of the rim.Don,t know if its worth the hassle. Am i likley to get a better ride on the 4000,s using them for the dragon ride this year ,bound to pick up a puncture again to add to the two in last years dragon
  • JWSurreyJWSurrey Posts: 1,173
    Well, I did day of the Tour of Wessex on my 25c reflective sidewall GP4000s, which included a short section on a flinty unmetalled track.
    I have ridden on them in all weathers since Jan 1 on a reg. ride past a farm on uneven roads, and walk them each time down a flint track.

    I'm just about to pick up my new wheels, shod with GP4000S tyres.

    You should be fine.
    It's almost a Campag/Shimano debate here - Some love them, some hate them.

    The Vectran casing is strong, though you will find the soft rubber tread will mark.
    I actually pulled a sheared sliver of glass out of the tread just before the TOW that had gone through the rubber, though luckily hadn't p*nctured.

    Get yourself a VAR tool from SJS cycles or Bikeplus (they send theirs with instructions) - It's light enough to carry and will make a tyre-levering life of misery in to a 10 second wonder!
  • wintwint Posts: 52
    RichardP - I used to have similar problems, but I have found that I can now fit them without using any tools.
    When you get to the 'last bit', just hold it there with both hands maintaining a steady and even pressure for a while. The tyre should then slowly slide up (it might take up to 30secs) and drop into the inside of the rim.
    I have found that trying to rush the last bit using tyre levers ususally ends up with the levers being flicked out.
  • ive fitted gp4000's to my k elites and sl's no problem without tools

    campag rims are the worstest[:(]

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    nil satis nisi optimum
  • binlinusbinlinus Posts: 305

    The first time you fit the tyre (when they are new) put them on without the inner tube. Only use plastic tyre levers but be as rough as you like with them. Without the inner tube you won't damage anything. Then lever them off again, then lever them on again. Finally lever them off and put them back on with the inner-tube this time. Only by now they should have stretched enough for you to just use your fingers. Go slowly and gently and they should fit easily.

  • PhilofCasPhilofCas Posts: 1,153
    like that binlinus ! simple but effective.
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