My first 37!!!!

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Due to responsibilties of two young kids I'm limited to rides of 30 to 45 minutes normally.So I just do a 10 mile loop wich I've knocked down from 45 mins to 35mins.
However my better half was down south at her parents this weekend with our two kids so I thought I'd take a longer ride out. Headed off at 6.30am with the intention of 20 miles. Ended up at my spiritual home, 'The Stadium of Light' which is about 15 miles away. Then headed for home, got lost in Washington and ended up back home having done 37 miles.
I'd deliberatly not had the mileage showing on the computer because I think I'd have come home at about 20 miles.
When I checked it at 37 I was really pleased but I do think that I could've done the 50. I wasn't particularly tired although my speed had dropped significantly on the trip home.
My legs are feeling it now though! She's not going away for ages now though so its back to the 10 milers unfortunately.

Best part of the trip was virtually no traffic and great weather!


  • Cool! sounds like you had a good ride.[:)]

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    Well done. It is a great feeling when you get home and you start to feel the miles in your legs. When I am doing a long ride I dont watch the mileage either, I keep an eye on the average speed. Somehow it makes it easier. ... C01488.jpg ... C01487.jpg
  • some lovely riding 'oop' there. quite miss riding in the North East

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    I, and I'm sure a few others, can appreciate the "no time" thing, which makes the "long" rides out even better - a treat!

    Congrats on the mileage BTW. It's the sort of distance you don't get anywhere near on a day-to-day basis (well, not unless you're retired/loaded/self-employed/single/<i>insert other here</i>) and it's definately good for the soul to get some mileage on your legs.

    Here's to the wife and kids visitng her parents more often .... [:D]

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    Stopped smoking, saved a fortune. Started cycling, spent it all!