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New Trek Madone

speedbumpspeedbump Posts: 416
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Is this an ugly bike or what!?

It might ride well, but I'd never spend that much cash on a bike that is just horrible to look at!


  • I was waiting for someone to say that, yeah it is ugly. trek bikes might ride well but the new madone looks horrible.
  • monty_dogcpmonty_dogcp Posts: 382
    The old was was never a looker - seems they've even dropped their 'clever' seat tube spoiler. Any bike that needs a stack of spacers just to get the bars to a useable height says something is wrong. The only positive thing is that you can get a good discount on one at the end of the season - which indicates they're way over-priced anyway. I know two guys who race on them - they can never get a 'jump' because you can hear the BB creaking when they put the pressure on!
  • Meds1962Meds1962 Posts: 391
    That's an aggressive looking machine, is it a coincidence that they've introduced a sloping top tube now that Lance has retired?

    O na bawn i fel LA
    O na bawn i fel LA
  • gkerr4gkerr4 Posts: 3,408
    hmm - the top picture - is that a massive framesize or something - the headtube looks huge! - even bigger than roubaix standards - not what the madone was carved for surely.

    but then the bottom picture it looks much shorter and the madone website picture makes it look very smart indeed in my opinion!
  • meenaghmanmeenaghman Posts: 345
    seatpost or should that be seat mast, looks a bit like something from the Anne Summers catalogue. Own integrated BB.. I don't think so.
  • What a load of Bollocks!!!!!!!!

    Best thing to come from them in 4 years. Old bike seemed good enough to win everything.

    New one improves the Breed - Everything else is history.

    Integrated bb is a fantastic bit of thinking When bearings need replacing they will cost Less than œ5 from ANY bearing seller.

    There are 2 ranges a Pro and one for normal people with the longer head tube.
    Racing is life - everything else is just waiting
  • MarktaMarkta Posts: 767
    Mine certainly doesn't creak when honking up hills etc. dead silent with the exception of tyre noise.

    Can anyone kindly post a link to the new Madone bikes?

    Cheers [:)]
  • whiskywheelswhiskywheels Posts: 628
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  • Eat My DustEat My Dust Posts: 3,965
    I think it looks better than the old one.

  • MarktaMarkta Posts: 767
    cheers, I find my 2007 Madone more aesthetically pleasing but the jury's out on whether it offers a performance benefit. In theory it may do, but as with any new design, it's largely untested and I'd wait (if I had immediate plans to upgrade, which I don't) to ensure any teething/design problems were ironed out...
  • photojonnyphotojonny Posts: 382
    The new one looks sweet, but a bit of Orbea Orca resemblance, no?

    where there's two wheels, there's a way....

    where there's two wheels, there's a way....
  • <blockquote id="quote"><font size="1" face="Verdana, Arial, Helvetica" id="quote">quote:<hr height="1" noshade id="quote"><i>Originally posted by Top_Bhoy</i>

    If it had Campag and not Shimano it would look a fine bike!!!

    This is my bike: ... ure001.jpg ... ure002.jpg ... ure003.jpg
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    Correct and a decent dealer would swap for no charge!
    Racing is life - everything else is just waiting
  • dbgdbg Posts: 846
    Better looking than the old one without a doubt
  • giant_mangiant_man Posts: 6,890
    zzzzzzz A new Trek zzzzzz how exciting zzzzzzzzzzzz yawn

    SIZE IS EVERYTHING! or at least that's what my LBS tells me.
  • jpembrokecpjpembrokecp Posts: 1,968
    They've obviously noted the popularity of the Planet X.

    well, yes <i>and</i> no......but mainly no.

    well, yes <i>and</i> no......but mainly no.
  • I think its quite a good looker. Shouldn't matter if only lasts as long as the carbon-doubters suspect, probably won't be able to get generic spares in 5 years time!

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  • PeteinSQPeteinSQ Posts: 2,292
    I think it looks good. At least they have given it a sedate colour scheme.
  • GrifcpGrifcp Posts: 283
    Looks nice to me too...can also see overtones of Orca, as someone else said.
  • pliptrotpliptrot Posts: 582
    When the bearings in the BB need replacing it'll be just five pounds for the bearings and just two thousand for the frame - does anybody believe that the bearings won't move, rotate, slip in that shell and enlarge this over time? Or will the happy owners then resort to araldite?

    As for looks, nothing beats the original OCLV. Straight tubes, simple, elegant and never, ever creaked. Even with an old-school square taper BB, and -horror of horrors- an aluminium chainset.
  • Lifetime frame warranty don't forget. I am sure that has been taken into account.
    Racing is life - everything else is just waiting
  • Phil ScpPhil Scp Posts: 2,525
    I fail to understand why a new bike from Trek has prompted two pages of debate both in Know How and in Racing.
    I also fail to understand why that bike has such a large gap between the seat tube and the wheel.
  • Err Stabilty might be the reason.
    Racing is life - everything else is just waiting
  • Phil ScpPhil Scp Posts: 2,525
    It's meant to be a racing bike
  • JajacpJajacp Posts: 79
    Trek carbon seat tubes hit the bottom bracket slightly forwards rather than centrally giving the appearence of longer chainstays. I've no idea why mind.
  • "I also fail to understand why that bike has such a large gap between the seat tube and the wheel."

    Quite a large one in the photo(s): is chain stay length a function of size?

    Does look quite a gap for a pure race bike: significantly greater than my '80s CRT Italia or '90s Raleigh "racers" - and they are both perfectly "stable".

    Had a glance at a Scott Plasma today - very nice!

    "Like a true nature's child,
    We were born,
    Born to drink mild"
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