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ajbellajbell Posts: 25
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I've heard that the Track's future is in doubt.
Something about a pettition & the site being given over to new housing.

Surely a country that's had Multiple World, Commonwealth & Olympic Champions, deserve better.

Does the achievements of Robert Miller, Graeme Obree, Chris Hoy, Caroline Alexander & Craig Mclean mean for nothing.


  • gavintcgavintc Posts: 3,009
    I read recently that the stadium was safe. The report made no mention of the track. Apparently, the housing plan was a classic Edinburgh Council plan to make some money. Sell Meadowbank and re-provision the facilities out of the city, I think I read Sighthill!!

    However, I also noted when I was driving out of Glasgow last week that a piece of wasteland adjacent to the Celtic ground has a sign up saying site of the national athletics stadium and velodrome. I think it is related to the 2014 Commonwealth Games bid,.
  • ajbellajbell Posts: 25
    I was very annoyed when a "so call sports reporter", commented on the ill informed coments by an SFA official.
    She hinted that this would harm the 2014 Glasgow Commonwealth Games bid.

    Isn't it about time Football was put in it's place.
    95% of the Sport coverage (BBC Scotland Radio anyway).

    Football is not the be all and end all.

    I'm keen on many different sports.
    The question should be: who will be the next Scottish TDF King of the Mountains, Hour record holder, Track world Champion.
  • papercorn2000papercorn2000 Posts: 4,517 ... odrome.asp

    Better to have an all weather, indoor velodrome than a titchy wee outdoor one!

    God told me to skin you alive.
    God told me to skin you alive.
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