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Titanium road seatpost recommendation

SlimtimSlimtim Posts: 1,042
edited June 2007 in Workshop

My Specialized Pave post snapped today and I am thinking about replacement options. I need a post for a compact titanium frame that will allow 27cm to be shown above the clamp - so a 350mm post is only just long enough and a 400mm might be more appropriate.

Due to the comfort factor, I am looking for either another carbon post (many options exist) or else a titanium one (the only option I can see so far is a USE Alien which will probably be too short).


  • CraigUKcpCraigUKcp Posts: 1,209
    I bought a Van Nicholas seatpost for my bike, they come in 27.2mm x 350mm or 400mm. I had a look at the Use posts and in the end I decided they were too pricey. Bought mine for œ60 from a shop called Wheelcraft up in Scotland. Have a look at the photo below>>>>

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  • savagebananasavagebanana Posts: 130
    Hi tim, what caused your pave post to snap?

  • maddog_2cpmaddog_2cp Posts: 73
    Thomson posts are comfy, especially when you've got some length showing. And they're superb posts.

    but if it has to be ti, then VN, Moots, Alien/Sumo.....

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  • System_1System_1 Posts: 513
    Another vote for Thomson here. They're works of art.

    Probably one of the strongest posts around and I find it no more uncomfortable than the carbon post it replaced.
  • SlimtimSlimtim Posts: 1,042
    Savagebanana, I don't know why it snapped as it has been excellent for approx 2500 miles. I just went over a bump and it broke approx 1cm above the top of the seat tube. I may have over tightened it I suppose but I was careful to back the bolt off a lot when I installed the post.....
  • gralegavgralegav Posts: 94
    I like the USE ti posts so much I've got two!

    the alien looks great on the road bike, but is a bit more fiddly to set up. The sumo is on the hybrid and I've got the same amount of post exposed as you'd need, it works fine and is both tough and compliant. I think they're worth it.
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