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wife bike suggestions

foresthillforesthill Posts: 77
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Mrs Forest Hill wants her own bike and has asked me to find one.

Out with the kids on easy trails.

Currently riding my commuter single speed at weekends and she likes the simplicity.
But could do with a gear change when she hits the steeper stuff.

Doesn't want a mountain bike with loads of gears she won't use.

She likes the idea of a hub gear - but not an old ladies shopping bike

'Raven Sport Tour' would do the trick if it was half the price.

Anyone got any pointers?


  • Mr PMr P Posts: 548
    Carrera Subway 8 from Halfords? Hub gears for about a quarter of the price of a Raven Sport Tour.
  • maddog_2cpmaddog_2cp Posts: 73
    Spesh Sirrus with a compact and 38c tyres?

    Decent hub gears are expensive. Modern gears are slick and robust.

    The sirrus has a good frame, is sturdy, decent V brakes and so-so wheels. I'm biased as mrs maddog has one.

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  • msb123msb123 Posts: 274
    planet x kaffenback with a nexus (sp?) hub gear?
  • gavintcgavintc Posts: 3,009
    Wifeys so undersell themselves. I suggest you get her a real bike and build her confidence. If she is anything like my wife, she will be kicking your censored on the climbs in a couple of months. Look at Giant, Spec etc. You do not have to spend a fortune to get her going as a roadie. I wish women would not constantly down play their potential.
  • foresthillforesthill Posts: 77
    Thanks folks, I'm looking into into all the sugestions right now.
  • Cinelli Hoy Hoy Rats. Lots of gears (not hub) but very, very cool.

    I've been Thamed !!
  • JWSurreyJWSurrey Posts: 1,173
    Genesis do a nice hub geared ride.
    Might be on the Ridgeback cycles website - not sure.
  • Mister PaulMister Paul Posts: 719
    The Specialized Globe is a terrific bike, and ideal for your wife's stated needs. They do womens specific models, and one with a hub gear-

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  • BShaneBShane Posts: 56
    Got my wifey one of these . . The step through with the silver frame. She adores it and it gets lots of attention. It's a great ride too. I'd get one for myself if I had room for another bike. Dunno if they're available in the UK though.
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