First 50 miler today!

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Hi people,

Well i woke up this morning and thought... f**k it.. i aint doin a 10 miler today im doin a 50 miler lol...

Did it (believe it or not) and I am absoluetly shattered now lol. Got some good recorded stats so ill post below.

Best part of the journey? A pheasent flying with me about 1 metre from me lol.. probably for 10 seconds or so then s/he swooped off and left me lol.

Worst bit? Trying to keep moving in the last 6 miles. painful but accomplished!

Heres stats:

date 01/06/07
<font color="red">waking heart rate</font id="red"> 50
<font color="red">Morning Weight</font id="red"> 9.8 stone
<font color="red">Hours of sleep</font id="red"> 10
<font color="red">Rating 1 - 10 of enthusiasm for training + life</font id="red"> 10
<font color="red">Time of day</font id="red"> 12.20
<font color="red">temperature</font id="red"> 19C
<font color="red">wind</font id="red"> 6 mph
<font color="red">max heart rate</font id="red"> 198
<font color="red">average heart rate</font id="red"> 160
<font color="red">total time</font id="red"> 3 hours 10 minutes, 48 seconds
<font color="red">milage</font id="red"> 49.87 miles
<font color="red">average speed</font id="red"> 15.6 mph
<font color="red">rating 1 - 10 of feeling whilst training</font id="red"> 8 > 4 (last 6 miles did me in)
<font color="red">calories burned</font id="red"> 2153.56

What ya think? There were a few nice big hills on route! lol. Max speed achieved was 38.0 MPH


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    Excellent, keep enjoying it and going further.

    I want to say don't get too hung up on the numbers but this may not be relevant. To me enjoying the ride is more important than my average speed etc but I know everyone is different.

    Next stop - 100k, 75miles, 100 miles etc etc etc. Ooops getting hung up on the numbers again![:D]

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    splendid. I'd drop the stats bit as it's a bit OT. Just go out and ride. [:)]
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    Well done but I think you are missing the point.
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    good on yer webbhost [:)].

    If it makes you happy doing the figures then it's making your cycling more enjoyable, though i just don't think you could keep it up, if you see what i mean. It's all about making/keeping cycling enjoyable and keeping the enthusiasm there, if stats does it for you then just continue.

    Sounds like you had a good ride, I reckon you could have reached a metre across and got yourself a nice supper !
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    Congrats and well done.
  • Well done fella!

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    well done. when you mention all these stats, you might as well mention what bike you rode for that!!

    just out of interest.

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    Baby elephants are faster than some riders from....
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    Yes, very well done, gives a nice warm feeling doesn't it?! But like others have said, don't get hung up on figures, just enjoy the ride.[8D]

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  • Great news web host, i remember my first 50miler, although being welsh i'm used to miles, but living in australia i have to deal with k's so now all my rides are measured in k's.

    Once you have cracked the 50 miler or 100k(62miles) in my case the sky is the limit. I think that keeping track of your stats is good, it becomes a record of how your improving. HAve you done a bikley route of your ride, the link is on my website you can plot your routes and even see the elevaion of your rides.

    Look forward to hearing your next achievment. I have a audax ride on this coming weekend as it is a long weekend here, we doing 200k x 3 so 600 km all up over the weekend, im getting tired just thinking about it. Please have a read of this to check it out
  • popette
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    Well done! I've just done my first this morning as well. I like keeping record of stats too - gives an indication of progression. AND I enjoyed the ride so much I almost cried on the wonderful sunny country lanes. Fell into a grassy bank - on purpose - as a caravan and four wheel drive had taken up all the road. Too tired to write more. good night.
  • Well done - feels good i'm sure

    There does seem to be alot of people who respond with 'now do a 100km, or 100 miles etc' but i must confess to falling into the other camp. Due to time constraints my motivation would be more along the lines of having done 50 miles in 3 hours, next time try for 2hrs 50, or 60 miles in 3 hours....
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    well done, don't cut the ststs out alltogether but I find that ther're a general way to guage yourself.
    I'm doing my first 50m TT tomorrow. eek

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    for any of you that dont know, I basically want to train up to get to the point where i would be fit to do 4 x 100 milers (to do the width of britain) for a charity. Not with a group or anything, just me. - this is the primary reason i keep the stats.

    Althrough the stats may be a bit OTT, i dont mind writing them, infact i quite enjoy it. (I read part of the complete bok Long-distance cycling (Burke and Pavelka) and this is what it told me to keep, if i lose enthusiasm, i can tell via things such as waking heart rate if I am over training etc. and possibly cut down on over training before i "do" lose enthusiasm (if that makes sense).

    I did enjoy the ride through! I lke working more on the stats, because it makes me feel good when i can see that i have beaten a top speed, track time etc, or used lower calories on a set course.

    And by the way for the person that asked, the bike that i used was the dawes giro 300.
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    10 hours sleep!

    get a job and a wife and some kids