looking to buy new bike œ700 budget

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I`m looking to buy a new bike- it will be my first "proper" bike and i have a budget of œ600/700. I was looking at the Kona Kikapu 2006 model which i found for œ600- any good? I would ideally like full suspension but will consider other options. It will used for occasionally rides to the office, and for weekend spins down the Marlborough downs and trails. Please help, thanks!


  • Noodley
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    I would ask why you want a full susser? Does not sound as if you would benefit from one, and it sounds as if it would be a hinderance to your proposed use.
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    You really don't want to ride a full-susser as a commuter, and for simple trail riding, a hard-tail would also be a better option. It'll improve your ability to judge the right line. You will also get far, far better bike for your money if you go for a hardtail at this price level - and if you wait a few weeks you'll start to get the 2007 models reduced - look out for ex-demos too.

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