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Trains on Settle Carlisle railway affect cyclists

atozatoz Posts: 28
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Dear all

Those of us who use the Settle Carlisle railway to get further into the Dales and Lakes will be disappointed to learn that the rolling stock on this route has been altered, to the detriment of cyclists.

The class 156 DMU's used on this route until quite recently, although hardly perfect for carrying cyclists, were one of the better designs in this respect. Unfortunately, these units have been cascaded elsewhere, to be replaced by an influx of Class 158 Express Sprinters. These are probably one of the poorer designs for cycle space. The guard I talked to admitted that these trains were bad on luggage space and accessibility generally, as well as for cyclists.

There is a luggage space that could conceivably be altered so that both luggage capacity and cycle storage on these trains could be improved. It is near the exit to the coaches. When I pointed this out to the guard, he actually said he would mention it to his manager. He said he personally preferred the class 156 design for this and other reasons.

Use of cycle space is not just useful to those of us on a day trip to
the Dales. It's also useful for people who live in and visit the Eden
Valley, which has a well signposted cycle route running conveniently
close to S & C stations in the Eden Valley.

I would ask that everyone who uses this line, and has noticed the same problem, to contact Northern Rail at It may also be worth
contacting the Friends of the Settle Carlisle line - email
[email protected]; and also West Yorkshire Metro- feedback
form at

Also, if like me, you want to help lobby for increased investment in
tracks and trains, it's a good idea to visit

PS if you don't know which train is which- this link on Wikipedia gives details of the trains now running on the S & C - the class 158's -

The ones Northern Rail used to use - the Class 156 - details at



  • atozatoz Posts: 28
    As a postcript to my posting yesterday- it would appear that my concerns have already been discussed by others between Friends of the Settle Carlisle line and Northern Rail- apparently "the partition of the 'cupboard' where cycles are stored will be removed to make access easier, and they are willing to consider other suggestions".

    Sounds like people are willing to respond to reasonable suggestions. So if you have any, probably would be a good thing to send an email or two.

  • 2Smart2Smart Posts: 105
    Northern Rail has a cycle strategy which is worth getting hold of and they do seem to be committed to improving cycle facilities. They still have a long way to go though, but are certainly better than many other train companies I can think of.
  • First Scotrail uses Sprinters for lots of routes. All these have been converted to carry 12? cycles. At one end of each two-car set there is a cycle storage area immediately between enrey doors and carriage seats. Bikes hand by rear wheels. I've used them lots of times and it works v well.

    Be nice to grumpy old men (or else)
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