Best Hybrid under œ300 ???

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I am just getting back into riding and am wanting to get a new bike with a budget of œ300.

Most of the rides (at the moment) contain mostly road with the odd cycle path/track thrown in. I have been looking into getting a hybrid as these seem to cover these needs but if anyone has any other ideas please let me know.

I would like it as light as possible with no suspension and a minimum of 21 gears.

It sems so confusing with so much choice out there so I am in need of some advice..

Any help very much apreciated.



  • ridgeback velocity

    should be 300 quid

    both my parentals ride them and regularly do longer rides as well.
  • RufusA
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    Unless you are an unusual size last years stock has mostly gone so there aren't too many bargains to be had.

    Hybrid covers a multitude of sins, ranging from road with flat bars, to wider 700C tyres and a more relaxed frame, to comfort with sit up an beg bars.

    Most of the leading manufacturers make good bikes at the œ300, sometimes they'll save a bit on the frame, and put the money in to components, sometimes visa-versa. Nearly all will have aluminium frames, and will be light. Not sure about gears, but I wouldn't get too hung up about the number of cogs, it's the ratios that are all important!

    Personally I'd start with finding a local bike shop (LBS) you can trust, see what brand they mainly sell, then ask to try out a couple of different styles in your price range. Whether it's a œ300 Ridgeback, Trek, Giant or Specialized they'll all be good bikes, just a case of find the one that suits you.

    My LBS sells Specialized, and at that price point the Globe Sport (replaces the old Crossroads range) looks very tasty. One of them uses it as a daily commute bike and he's very happy with it and personally recommends it.

    If you are just getting back to riding depending on how much you already have you will need a good D lock, helmet, possibly mud-guards and a rear rack, lights, spare tubes, puncture repair kit, pump(s), shoes, clothing etc. If you are limited to spending œ300 in total you may need to look at cheaper bikes, or (if you are employed) investigate if cycle2work scheme is a possibility.

    HTH - Rufus.
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    I was in a similar position a few weeks ago, looking for a œ300 hybrid. In the end my budget crept up a little and I went for the Ridgeback Genesis Day 00 (œ350 list price). I'm very pleased with it - it's more or less a road bike with flat handlebars so it's nice and quick around town. Rufus makes a good point about the cost of extras - if you have to buy a lock, rack, mudguards, pannier bags etc. it can push the price up quite a lot.

    If you have a local Decathlon store it might be worth looking in there. I considered the Triban Road 7 (œ279) which is a similar spec to the Ridgeback Velocity but with some Shimano Deore components which I think are a bit better than the Velocity's components (I'm no expert though). It's also got a front disc brake - although I'm not sure if that's a good or bad thing. Even if you don't buy your bike from Decathlon it's a good place to look for extras, clothing etc.
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    Thanks for the advice, I like the look of both the bikes. Think I had better find a LBS and see them in the flesh so to speak.
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    Trek 7.1 now replaced by a treek 7100. lovely bike [:)]

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    *** Whether you think you can or think you can\'t, you\'re probably right ***
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    As per my slightly raving review on the other thread...the Dawes Discovery!!
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    I have the rigid 7100FX. Comfortable and reasonable looking for the money.

    Wheels (Matrix) on mine didnt take abuse...thanks son !!!!

    Chill out, fer Christsakes....

    Chill out, fer Christsakes....
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    One of my lbs's claims that the Ridgeback Velocity is the best sub œ300, its got 28 gears. I've got one and since I got it mid March it's done just under 800 miles. Its not as fast as my other bikes, probably due to its 700x37c tyres but I really like the way it handles in traffic and how it handles various terrains and could always get narrower tyres if I wanted. Its also has a wide range of gears so it always seems to have the right gear for what I need.
    As you say try them out in the shop I looked at getting a cheaper Ridgeback at first but preferred the feel of velocity when I tried it out.

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    I got a specialized sport 07 from Endinburgh bikes for œ240 knickers thanks to there 20% off deal in manchesters new store.

    well happy with the bike though one little issues with the crappy plastic pedal casing breaking. but if this is one place they save money i dont care cheap and cheerful to replace
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    Hi, if you are interested i have a Spesh Crossroads on Ebay starting at 7.00 tonight ( Saturday ) if you are anywhere near the south coast ( Bournemouth ) it might be worth a look.

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    Another vote for the Ridgeback velocity. I bought one for my wife (the open frame version) to commute on. The only change so far was to fit 32mm Marathon+, mudguards, rack and a basket at the front.

    She loves it and I think it's a cracking commuter bike.

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  • stoomack
    stoomack Posts: 10 have the '06 Giant CRS SX reduced from œ450 to œ265. They're based in Cheshire but they do free delivery. I've used them a few times and always found them to be friendly and helpful. They also have the CRS SE (the model below the CRS SX) for the same price, but in a few more sizes.

    My girlfriend has an '05 CRS SE and it's a great bike for the cash.
  • turborat
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    Wow, so much advice. Thanks everyone, will have to start doing some research...
  • Edinburgh Bicycle Coop do a "courier" range - I got the courier race 07 (700c with mtb frame - fairly minimalist) a few weeks back - brilliant vfm.... service top notch too...
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    I am now considering slightly increasing the budget (thought this might happen!!) to œ400 max and am conseidering the Ridgeback "Element" ... _bike=TRUE

    Does anyone have any experience any of this model or any new ideas with the slightly higher budget.

    Thanks again for the already received great advice!

  • Aidocp
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    I did the exact same thing started lookig at speed œ200 and ended up with the velocity œ300.
    Now you've increased your budget now you might want to check out the competion too, I'd reccomend a Specialized Sirrus.

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