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HC: Only two rules changes since March?

magnatommagnatom Posts: 492
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It would appear from the governments own literature that only the two main cycling gripes about rules 61 and 63 have resulted in changes

According to this the 40 changes quoted were in fact the changes made from the original draft to the draft published in March.

Is this right? Can anyone confirm if there will be any other changes?


  • As far as I can see there has not been anything else objected to. At least not by anyone who will be listened too.
    I guess that the logic is that you don't want to bombard the powers to be with too much stuff as it can cuase confusion.
    Hence my gripe not about the poor wording in the proposed changes but also rules 59 helmets and clothing, 66 two abreast riding around bends and narrow roads, 70 how to park my bike, 77 riding around the outside of roundabouts, 82 cyclist dismount sign.

    I am also amazed that British Horse Society are so quiet about their new requirments. Perhaps they have given up on the right to use the road.

    I have not actually gone through the HC code yet to spot the 40 changes. Has anyone done this yet?
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