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Dawes Discovery 201 2006

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I've got the oppurtunity to buy this bike ... b2s18p4923 in my size from the LBS. I have my road bikes, but was looking for something a little more relaxed that i can commute on and go on weekend rides with my wife on and around cycle paths. Does anyone have one or could recomend one, I didn't want to spend more than œ170, and it seems a nice bike at that price point.




  • Mister PaulMister Paul Posts: 719
    At that price the Dawes is a pretty good bike.

    better, if you can stretch to œ199, is the Carerra Subway at Halfords. Just be careful how they put it together.

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  • rustynutrustynut Posts: 178
    I have the Dawes Discovery 201 and got in 2005 for œ190 and now is used for work and shopping. I've found it for the price paid to be a excellant bike, with a decent spec. I had to add mud guards and rack. I ridden 1000's of miles on it and the chain is be replaced along with the back wheel to be retuned.

    Yes, it's a nice bike. If you can, ask for test ride and I'm sure you find out.
  • CathrynCathryn Posts: 176
    I have one and I ADORE it. I got mine in 2003 though so I don't know if that's different. I generally do shorter trips round town but have done short tours in Europe with it (ave 50 miles per day). I've honestly had NO problems with it at all. I really love my bike and would heartily recommend it!!

    Interestingly my husband has the subway carrera. It's been a good bike and he's done the same kind of mileage as me. The carrera is heavier than the Dawes. It's in for a service today and they've found some big cog problems (?). He does weigh twice as much as me, so it's more strain on the bike, but I secretly think my bike is much better than his, but clearly don't say that aloud!!

    Buy the Dawes ;)
  • I've got a Dawes Discovery 201 (2005 model) which now has flat bars & Deore brakes.good bike,enjoyed it so much that i chopped my Specialized Allez in & got a Discovery 501 (2007 model)to keep it company.
    So i recommend the Dawes.
    Be Lucky.
  • Mister PaulMister Paul Posts: 719
    Fugglestone Red??? Now that's a place I know.

    It has to be one of the best place names in the country.

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  • CathrynCathryn Posts: 176
    Hello Fugglestone!! I'm from Durrington, before I got exiled up north!!!
  • Mosschops2Mosschops2 Posts: 1,774
    I have one - and contrary to the general consensus, I'd say if I was spending œ270 again (i.e. 201 plus mudguards, computer, lights etc etc), I'd consider something different....

    Generally it has been fine, but I'm not impressed with the componentry. The gears were not set up right on delivery, I've got through 2 cables (in 6 months), the chain guard came off, the bell broke (!!), and the handlebars make a noise since I adjusted them, which I can't get rid of!

    Obviously at that price point, you aren'y going to get a lot. My point simply is that I would try something different... maybe something with mudguards included for starters... the giant equivalent, or maybe claud butler

    To be honest, before I came across C+, I had no idea you could spend so much on bikes!!!!
    Given that there are so many better bikes to be had, if I had my time again I think I'd simply spend more! Given that I sold my car which I had a loan on at œ320 per month (company paid for mind!) plus insurance etc etc, I'd definately be looking to spend say œ400. At this stage, there seems to be a much broader choice in terms of style and quality. And at œ400, personally, I wouldn't be choosing the Dawes entry....

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  • RezilloRezillo Posts: 95
    I bought a new Discovery 601 last September on Ebay for œ360 (2006 end of year model) and to say I'm pleased with it is an understatement. 2,000 miles so far and no problems at all. The Subway 1 it replaced had for the same mileage got through a wheelbearing, two chains (one snapped), a cassette and a couple of broken spokes which deformed a wheel, plus frayed cables.

    The Discovery has been a pleasure to ride - difficult to explain but I just feel connected with the bike. No clicks, creaks or rattles while pedalling - just a gentle whir.

  • A 201 got me back into cycling again last year, by the time I sold it I was probably doing 70-100 miles a week on rough towpaths and I found the build quality excellent. All it suffered in my ownership were stone chips.

    I added guards, bar ends and a rack when I started using it as an all-rounder. I did not like the flex-bars but that's nitpicking.

    I'd like another higher spec Discovery.
  • I'm glad that it's not just me that enjoys the Dawes bikes.
    Hello Mister Paul you are quite right it is Fugglestone Red.
    Hi Cathryn,Durrington must have been good for cycling over the ranges.

    Be Lucky.
    Be Lucky.
  • acorn_useracorn_user Posts: 1,137
    I would strongly consider a Dawes Mojave or Kalahari. The Mojave works out about the same as the 201, but has mudguards and a rack as standard. Since you might well want/need these anyway, it makes sense to get them factory fitted! Dawes buys that stuff a lot cheaper than we can...
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