Basic Specialized Sirrus - adequate?

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I'm looking at getting a fast hybrid bike at the weekend (provided the weather holds), and as my LBS sells mostly Specialized, I'm thinking the Sirrus is probably my best option.

However with limited budget, I'm only going to be looking at the base model:

I realise this doesn't have top notch components, but will it be adequate for a 10 mile road daily commute. Will the ALU forks drive me to distraction, would I be better off paying the extra œ100 for the Elite model with carbon forks and different gearings?

Is there anything obvious that I should ask the LBS to swap over from the outset. I'm thinking maybe the suspension seat post for a carbon one, but what about the tyres etc.

Finally if I don't want or need anything swapped over what sort of discount / freebies can I reasonably negotiate with the LBS to offer over the RRP of the bike?

TIA - Rufus.


  • Eat My Dust
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    You should be alright with the basic model. I have Sora gears on my 2nd bike and they are pretty good and reliable. The Sirrus is a great bike, even the basic model, <i>and</i> it's probably the best looking hybrid out there!!

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    I would imagine the base model sirrus to be fine for a 10 mile commute.

    I bought a Spesh Globe Sport for my commute which is about 16 miles & can do the trip in under an hour. The sirrus should be a bit quicker than the globe so fine for most commutes. HTH
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    The basic will do just fine. I've done some pretty varied rides on mine in 7 months (200k last saturday, holme moss a couple of times, almost 50mph a couple of times, and a bit of off road towpath style riding in wet, dry and snow )I'm looking to do about 300 miles on it next w/e fully loaded.

    All in all it's done well over 1000 miles and commutes every day no prob. Can fit panniers and mudguards easily too.

    There's no need at all to spend the extra money on a much uglier bike.

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    Ive got a 06 Sirrus sports and its got alu fork, I used to use it on an 18 mile commute, its more than adequate for a 10 mile commute. I quickly went clipless and a year later I replaced the seat post for a carbon. I've no experience about the gears. IMO if you buy the basic one you can always upgrade parts down the line.

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