cotted cranks

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i'm presuming i cant get new cotted cranks and chainring, does anyone know where i could get some from with less rust on than mine?



  • Can get new very basics I think. But ebay best source. All depends exactly what you need: single, 2x, triple (rare I imagine). Steel. Alloy. Cheap. Expensive.
    I've got an as new set of Raleigh (I think) steel ones somewhere if that's what you are after!

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  • just a set of single ring (preferably about a 46t) is what i'm after,
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    i know some bike shops have sets of cotters hanging out the back for these sorts of emergencies.

    otherwise, try ebay?

  • Just go to an old established LBS rather than a new place. They'll still have some in a box around the back. My favourite LBS is run by a couple of guys wearing brown cow gowns, a bit like Ronnie Barker's "Open All Hours" but for bikes. The main part of the shop is what you'd expect of a bike shop today, but if you are looking for something a little exotically old you get led to a secret sanctum around the back where the walls are lined from floor to ceiling with ancient boxes of STUFF. Oooh, I could just spend days in there browsing. Where are you?
    Your other alternative is go down your local council tip. Do a deal. You should be able to get a whole bike of spares for a few quid.

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  • A tenner looks fair enough!

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  • cheers hubgearfreak
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    you're welcome.[:)]