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Help with choosing the right chain please.

Dale 1Dale 1 Posts: 128
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Hi all,
My existing chain is ready for replacement, but there are no identifying numbers or letters on it, so i need help please in choosing a correct replacement. I need a new chain that is compatible with the following criteria:-
It's for my commuter bike which is a Carrera Subway 8 so it's a single chainring on the front and a Shimano Nexus 8 premium geared hub at the back. Looking for a good branded chain that will hopefully last a while.
Hopefully some forum members will know what i need to buy and can help. Thanks in advance.


  • AidocpAidocp Posts: 868
    When I replaced the chains on my Hybrids last year, they advised SRAM, it looks like PC1 1/8" would fit a hub geared bike.

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  • Dale 1Dale 1 Posts: 128
    Thanks for that, Aido.
    Is it then safe to say that any single speed commpatable chain will be suitable ? as theres no side to side movement of the chain at the rear ?. Would a BMX type chain be o.k. as these appear to be very strong and robust chains ?
    Thanks again all, Dale.
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