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Annoying clicking and squeaking noise.

PeteinSQPeteinSQ Posts: 2,292
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When I pedal, especially up hill, my bike makes an annoying squeaking, and sometimes clicking noise.

I'm pretty sure it is coming from some part of the drive chain, but it isn't the bottom bracket as I replaced that and the annoying noise has continued.

What else could it be? Pedal bearings? Chain?


  • walkercpwalkercp Posts: 1,012
    Depends if you fitted the bottom bracket correctly too

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  • Make sure it's not your pedals. This bugged me for ages til I realised it stopped if I unclipped my left foot!

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  • FrankMFrankM Posts: 129
    Check to see if you hear the noise when you're out of the saddle. It could be that the saddle isn't clamped tightly enough to the seatpost. Also make sure that the seatpost itself is clean and re-grease it (assuming it's not a carbon frame). I've had a clicking/squeaky noise before and both these things worked for me.
  • amaferangaamaferanga Posts: 6,789
    If its a Giant then chances are it'll be the seat post shim. Needs regreased on a regular basis.

    More problems but still living.....
    More problems but still living....
  • PeteinSQPeteinSQ Posts: 2,292
    The bottom bracket is definitely fitted correctly.

    When I'm stood up the noise continues unfortunately. Also the noise is worse when using the larger cogs on the cassette.

    Could the chain have a damaged link?
  • The chain (and other parts) will move at different speeds depending on the gears you use. Suggest you try pedalling at a consistent speed, change gear and listen for increase in the speed (repetition) of the noise. If there's no change, then look at the front derailleur system and pedals. If the speed changes, then it's the chain or rear derailleur.

    If that doesn't work stay in gear and peddle faster, that will bring the wheels into play.

    I think you need some kind of test like above to eliminate parts one by one. If all fails go to a bike shop.

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    Let it Rip!!
  • What cranks are you using? If they are the Shimano Hollowtech II ones then they are prone to making wierd noises under load. This can be cured by putting grease on the axle and the crank arm on assembly. The R700 on mine is prone to this.
  • FnaarFnaar Posts: 1,985
    Is it your knees?[:o)][:)]

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  • Hugh AHugh A Posts: 1,189
    If the chain rings are loose they can make noises like this. Try checking the bolts are all tight.

    I think the most likely source is the pedals in which case they could be not done up quite tight enough or the bearings may be worn. Check cleats too.

    I'm sure I had one of those here somewhere
    I\'m sure I had one of those here somewhere
  • paggerzpaggerz Posts: 38
    I've the same problem on a TCR with ultegra chainset and unknown bb. Just this minute bought an R700 compact, as I've assumed it's the (cheap chinese) bb or an issue with the square taper on the bb.
    have tried tightening pedals, tightening crank arms, tightening chain rings, out of saddle, pedalling one legged (this works, but not terribly convenient).
    I haven't told the missus about the need to spend, though.
  • Paul LaveryPaul Lavery Posts: 1,463
    Octalink bottom bracket? If so, I can say with 100% certainty that it's the pedal/bottom bracket interface - probably a spot of corrosion. I've just had exactly the same thing - more so when climbing.

    Remove the cranks, clean thoroughly, lubricate and refit. Problem solved. I went one step further and used a Scotchbrite pad in my electric drill to clean the bottom bracket splines. If you don't fancy doing it yourself, it's an easy job for your LBS.


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    Only ever regret the things you didn\'t do!
  • it'll be the saddle

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  • KeithGKeithG Posts: 1,010
  • infopeteinfopete Posts: 878

    the list for creaks is endless... so

    1. Bottom Bracket

    2. The cranks.

    3. Seat Pin

    4. Seat post shim if one is fitted

    5. Front wheel skewers

    6. rear wheel skewers

    7. handlebar stem

    8. front mech if it's a band.

    9. peddles

    and lots more.

    Took me 3 weeks to sort my Omega out. It was the bottom bracket, the seat shim and the front skewers. Now it runs like a dream.

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  • I have a Kinesis Racelight and a friend has a Bianchi. They both clicked and creaked under load. Both fixed by tightening the bolt holding the gear hanger on.

    Both carbon rear ends probably allowing some flex.

    Also can be QR not tight enough.

    Remember with alu frames noises are transmitted all over frame so it could be anywhere.....!

    Also had problem with bottle cage rubbing on front mech band.
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