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stiff crank advice

bikerchicbikerchic Posts: 48
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i've just had a new crank put on my mtb but's its quite stiff to pedal at the moment. i asked the guy in the bike shop who put it on when i picked it up and he said it'd wear in and said they always are to start with.

is this right? i cant remember having this problem before.

i did my usual route last night and was really hard work compared to usual, admittedly i've only done about 10miles on it but will it get better?



  • its sounds really stiff!
    The new'ish External BB's are stiffer than square tapers but it shouldn't be to stiff to pedal
    They don't spin that freely if thats what you were expecting

    did the shop fit it? if they did i would ride a bit more and if it don't get better, take it back.

    Mleh Mleh Mleh
  • monty_dogcpmonty_dogcp Posts: 382
    Slip the chain off - can you spin the cranks freely? - they should rotate on their own for at least a couple of turns. If not, sounds like a dodgy installation and get your LBS to sort it out - there's no way that the bearings should drag on your pedal stroke. Using it in that condition is likely to wear out the bearings prematurely rather than letting then bed-in. What type of chainset / bottom bracket is it?
  • bikerchicbikerchic Posts: 48
    no, it doesnt spin freely with the chain off, wont do one spin on it's own let alone 2. i'll have another ride tonight and see how i get on.

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