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Andy Schlek

mousecpmousecp Posts: 502
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This Giro has been great entertainment so far, lets hope the final TT can also throw up some surprises and excitement.

Andy Schlek has been a revelation so far. I hope he is the next big star and not just another false dawn, ie Cunego, "VDB", who burn bright then fade.
But even so, for a guy who looks like he wouldnt have the strength to pull the skin off a rice pudding, he has graced this Grand Tour and I hope he finishes on the podium and can step up another gear next year.


  • Steve TcpSteve Tcp Posts: 7,350
    I'd second that and add LETS HOPE HE'S CLEAN.

    Take care,

    Take care,

  • It would be great if he came out after the Giro and explicitly said 'and I did this on bread and water' - a la Pinotti

    It would actually help di Luca et al whose performances would look believable, and give credence to CSCs anti doping efforts

    In fact if he doesn't explicitly say this I'll be WELL disappointed...

    Did you get planning permission for that sense of humour bypass?
  • steinbocksteinbock Posts: 193
    cunego is not a false dawn. he's bleeding well fifth or something and has won some other stuff this year already. not to mention a good showing at the tour last year. he might have lost some climbing ability since he's been trying to develop his tting. we'll see on saturday.

  • graham56graham56 Posts: 634
    Yes young Schlek has been amazing so far, would like to see him repeat this performance in TdF.

    It`s a state of mind.
  • I think we'll be watching and enjoying the performances of his brother Frank in the Tour this summer. I'd be very surprised if CSC make Andy ride the Tour, then again if he's going so well why not.

    Andy's performances make me think back to the Procycling interview with Frank last year where he said his brother was better than him, which was quite something in the wake of his wins at Amstel and Alpe d'Huez.
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