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Claiming back repair bills from drivers insurance

DanbertDanbert Posts: 2
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I was involved in a hit and run incident in which I luckily was uninjured but the bike needs a bit of work.

I have gotten a quote for the work (new carbon fork, wheel true, etc) but the case is yet to come to court, nor has the driver admitted liability.

Now the question is, can i get the work done on my bike and then claim off the drivers insurance at a later date?

cheers for any advice!



  • JokullJokull Posts: 248
    Ask your solicitor.

    I was knocked off earlier in the year, and I'm putting in a claim through my British Cycling insurance. I got a quote for repairs, but it was considered reasonable that I get the work done necessery to get the bike on the road. The final amout of the my claim is currently being decided though. (I'm almost certain to get paid though, as although the driver's insurance company automatically denied liability, in the Police Accident report the driver confessed to not being able to see me 'because his windows were fogged up').
  • cougiecougie Posts: 22,512
    Hit and Run ? Nasty !

    If you havent got a solicitor - I can reccommend Bikeline - they've done work for friends of mine and my wife - and the owner is a cyclist herself.
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