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Hi! In July this year I leave on a wee cycle round the globe. With my budget I have been pointed in the direction of the Dawes Sardar. The 2007 model has an aluminium frame but I would have preferred steel. I have little idea about the mechanics of a bike - will aluminium do the job just as good as steel? I would appreciate any advice. Thanx.


  • The standard advice you get in C+ is along the lines that steel frames are still preferred for touring bikes because they are easier to repair than aluminium ones. As for ride quality, some people, including myself, prefer the feel or "resilience" of steel over alu. But good quality, pricier alu frames are supposed to be comfy too.
  • That's exactly it. Crack a steel frame, in no matter how remote a corner of the world and the local Garage/Mr. Fix it/Blacksmith/Odd Job Man will weld it for you.
    Crack an ali frame, you'd better be in a large city!

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