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Care for my baby.........

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edited May 2007 in Road beginners whats the minimum I need to do after a ride?

I'm guessing it depends on the conditions but something along the lines of a dry down and check that everything is nice and tight.

Do I need to lubricate after each piece of action?


  • sloboysloboy Posts: 1,139
    First, buy a really, really big bag of cotton wool ...[;)]

    For my road bike, I just tend to chuck it back on its hook on a ride by ride basis in the dry, if everything has seemed ok when out. Every maybe 8-10 hours dry riding, I'll wipe the chain and lube, 1 drop per roller. At the same time I'll probably wipe the rims over and generaly get the worst of the muck off the brakes and downtube particularly.

    At the start of most rides, I'll just press the tyres and pull both brakes as I roll down the drive, just to check all is normal.

    As a contrast, the MTB gets washed and lubed after every ride except in the driest conditions, and the commuter, errrm, will probably get some attention one day.

    One pleasure I do take when the occasion presents itself (nice spring day) is to give it a really good clean (bits off, toothbrush out), but that's just for the fun of it really.
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