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LEJOG...last couple of weeks training

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What`s best? To keep on doing what I`ve been (two / three round trip commutes 30 miles, 50 miles at w/e) in last two weeks pre LEJOG (start 9 June, 15 days continuous)) or lay off a week before and polish the bike [;)]?? Feeling pretty fit and strong at moment [:D] so don`t think I need any final big fitness push.

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  • Ashley_RAshley_R Posts: 408
    Reckon you need to tail off slightly beforehand, amybe not a full week, few days may be enough but depends on your level of fitness/recovery rate

    Did it last year over 14 days, was bricking it meself about this time beforehand, took to it no trouble, you'll have a great time! After a few days it'll seem like you've been doing it all your life, the worst part is waking up the morning after you finish and realise you've ran out of Britain to cycle!(Until next time of course [;)])

    Oh and one more thing, I found that I was fine having 3 1/2 pints a night without impairing the next day, 4 and I was bit dodgy, the 3 days me mate joined us and were hammered were hard work on the bike [xx(], great fun though!

    You can lead an elephant to water but a pencil must be lead
    You can lead an elephant to water but a pencil must be lead
  • There`ll be an enforced layoff anyway for leisurely travel time down to LE, won`t touch bike from Wed onwards so this would fit in with above thoughts (and of course the beer); ditto worries about it, to the extent that I`m getting sponsorship for Air Ambulance (Wales) as I`m not yet convinced that it will be too easy at all .....but we`ll see! As long as this `I`m about to get a cold` feeling clears away

    JamesB MTB
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