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TdF prologue - road surface

TimelessTimeless Posts: 1,117
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does anyone know if they are planning to resurface Buckingham Gate?

I often ride up from the Mall to Hyde Park Corner on my commute home and the road surface is shocking - no potholes but very pitted. The pros will not like powering up that slight incline on that surface.

They have recently resurfaced Grosvenor Crescent and I was lucky enough to go that way on the day they re-opened the road - and just flew along!

If they redo Buckingham Gate it will really improve that section of my ride home.

The pros might appreciate it to.

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<font size="1">baby elephants are just so 2006... </font id="size1">


  • leguapeleguape Posts: 986
    I was wondering that too. They've redone South Carriage Parade so I expect they'll try to redo that bit as well. Then again, it depends on how they barrier it. I know they're going to have no fans on the Buck House side of the road so I expect they'll have the riders coming up the green strip in the middle and down the surface on the other side which isn't too bad. They'll be hitting 70kph plus down there so they're not exactly going to be in much contact with the road. - My cycling blog. From commuting to crits and sportives.
  • bofbof Posts: 372
    Apparently the route for the Prolog has been checked by the TDF organisers and is now in the state it will be raced on, after some changes have been made. Told this at a TDF marshalls briefing
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  • TimelessTimeless Posts: 1,117
    <font size="1">baby elephants are just so 2006... </font id="size1">
  • hevipedalhevipedal Posts: 2,475
    The surface from the wedding cake to HPC is awful, rough as abadgers ar<b></b>se, but shouldn't be a problem to the professionals, however the surface through Wellington arch is loose gravel and if that isn't sorted expect to see some flesh scrapings come Sat afternoon...............

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  • 2Smart2Smart Posts: 105
    As Bof says, the TDF organisers have inspected all the road surfaces and unless they have asked for changes, they have to be left exactly as they are. Road defects will not be an oversight but a deliberate decision. Strange but true!
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