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Handlebar vibration

glasgowglasgow Posts: 3
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OK so I have just bought a cheap bike (Halfords Apollo) and maybe I'm getting exactly wht I deserve but....

I experience some handlebar vibration which seems particularly bad when climbing uphill in low gear. It triggers pins & needles which makes the experience that bit more unpleasant.

It <b>feels</b> as if the vibration comes from the front wheel and, to be brutally honest, I can't tell whether the problem disappears completely when I'm freewheeling though it's certainly considerably reduced.

I spent quite a while adjusting both front and rear brakes at the weekend to ensure that there was no contact with wheel rims when brakes were off. The front wheel spins freely when holding the bike off the ground and I cannot hear any contact. The rear wheel does have a slight noise but still rotates pretty well. I think the noise may be caused by some slight contact with the transparent plastic chainguard attached to the spindle.

The front derailleur appears to have no contact with the chain except, perhaps, when the chain is on the centre wheel (i.e. not the lowest gear I use going uphill). If there is contact, it's not significant enough to make any noticeable noise.

Any ideas as to what might be causing the vibration?


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