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London - Windsor Bike Ride - 2nd, Sept

DearoDearo Posts: 58
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Hi All,

I have just enrolled for this years London to Windsor Bike Ride..

Apart from me, the bike and an oxygen mask, what else do you suggest I carry with me on the day ??

All comments appreciated !



  • road-runnerroad-runner Posts: 8,630
    Assuming you're not used to riding the distance, make sure you have plenty of water and some nibbles, such as flapjack, jam sandwiches, dried fruit and malt loaf, so that you can drink and eat a little every 20-30 minutes, to keep your self hydrated and full of energy.

    I'd also pack a small windproof and an extra cycling top just in case the weather turns or you get cold, tired and exhausted.
  • overmarsovermars Posts: 430
    It's only 29 or 37 miles.

    You can do that in your sleep. Bring a pillow...[;)]

    Also... a little food, a little water, pump, patches, tire levers, multi tool, spare innter tube. What you wear is dependent on the weather.

    The obstacle is the path
  • DearoDearo Posts: 58
    Your assumption is correct peeps, I have hardly any miles under my belt at all (And trust me it's a bloody big belt as well).

    Very small mileage for an event, but hey I don't want to kill myself first time out !

    Thanks for the valued advice !

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