New Road Bike Dilemma

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My gracious insurance company has decided to pay out and allow me to replace my Specialized Tarmac Comp which was damaged. The dilemma is that I am not sure what to get, I will have circa œ1500 to spend; I am tempted by being 'conservative' and getting another Specialized although a Planet X Ultegra Alta Race Carbon at œ1499 ( ... on=421:421) looks interesting; so does a Wilier Mortirolo Veloce 2007; the other option is, since I get to keep my old bike, to get a Cervelo Soloist Team Frame and use the damaged bike as a donor.

Or any other suggestions......

I am pretty new to road cycling and could do with some good sound advice of what to look for / go for.


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    Buy what you like the look of. Whether it is œ1500 for a bike or a Frame you have many choices. Great frames in your pricing De Rosa Avant or Time Edge are some of the best looking and performing around.

    If you liked the Spesh why not get a new frame Maybe a higher spec one?
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