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miffedcpmiffedcp Posts: 315
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i thought Astana were a pro-tour team so by right would have a TdF place. Why the wild card?



  • ASO said in November they would invite the 18 ProTour teams to their events this year. The UCI granted 2 additional licenses after that to Astana and Unibet.
  • ASO don't recognise the new Protour additions (Astana and Unibet)
  • fuzzy29fuzzy29 Posts: 320
    <font face="Tahoma"></font id="Tahoma">Astana replaced Liberty Seguros and Unibet replaced Phonak. So it's the same number of teams as last year, but ASO only ever wanted 18 teams in the Pro Tour. So they're using the removal of two teams as their excuse to only invite the remaining 18 teams. Unibet and Astana hold the same Pro Tour license as all the other teams.

    <hr noshade size="1">If I had a baby elephant, I'd ask Banksy to paint it....
    <hr noshade size="1">If I had a baby elephant, I\'d ask Banksy to paint it....
  • flattythehurdlerflattythehurdler Posts: 2,314
    And the epo industry would be at risk if Astana were banned.

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