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Anybody using USE Exposure Enduro Turbo?

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This is it:

It looks like the light for me - good run time, no separate battery pack, light and not <i>ridiculously</i> expensive.

But it <i>is</i> fairly expensive... so does anybody here have one, and are you happy with it?


  • mxc070mxc070 Posts: 77
    my brother and a good mate use them and are very happy, I am planing on getting one soon as a back up for my HID which only have a burn time of 2 hours.
  • I use one and I'm very happy with it. It's perfect for my needs as a commuting and off-road light and the long run time means that I don't have to charge my lights every night.
  • I have the race turbo version. Very happy with it- the flashing mode is brilliant on road, thro' traffic. An in its brightest setting, will happily get me down a canal bank with no street lights, and absolutely pitch black on cold January mornings!

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  • Thanks, everybody [:)]
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