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A (slightly different) which wheel? dilemma

JokullJokull Posts: 248
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I'm about to start a new job in Canada in a few weeks time [:D] and I'll be taking my bike with me. It's an own-brand winter training frame from a shop in Nottingham called Langdale Lightweights, (a bit like the Ribble winter frame), built up mainly with Campag Centaur. Since its my only bike it gets used for everything - commuting, training, sportives, circuit races, and the occasional road race and time trial. To help with the multi-tasking, I swap wheels depending on what I'm doing.

The wheels I use are:

2007 Campag Record/Open Pro cd, shod with Vittoria Open Pave tyres;
Campag Proton wheelset, shod with Michelan Pro2 Race Service Course;
Mavic Aksiums, shod with Michelin Krylion Carbons.

My question is this: If you could only take one of these sets of wheels with you, which would you choose? And, if you could take two pairs, which would they be?

Thoughts much appreciated.


  • Whereabouts in Canada are you going to be living? I ask because the winter weather conditions will be key to which wheels to take.
  • JokullJokull Posts: 248
    Good point - Vancouver, so wet rather than cold. If I can fit 2 pairs of wheels into the bike case, then I'd like a pair for winter/commuting and a pair for 'best'. If I can only fit one pair, then it needs to do everything!
  • PirahnaPirahna Posts: 1,315
    I'd take the Open Pro's with the Vitoria or Pro Race and Michelin Krylion tyres. Don't think I'd bother with a second pair.
  • Rob SallnowRob Sallnow Posts: 6,279
    Open Pros.

    I'd rather walk than use Shimano.

    The older I get, the better my power to weight ratio was.
    I'd rather walk than use Shimano
  • <font color="red">I am assuming that your Protons are your 'best' wheels; you should take them and then your Aksiums as your training wheels.

    If you can only take one pair, I'd take the Record/OP. Sit between best (which you wouldn't want to train on) and Aksium, which you can race on, but aren't the best you have.

    I love Langdale Lightweights - I bought bars and stem from there and they gave me free energy gels!! A proper bike shop with spares at reasonable prices, unlike Evans, Cycle Surgery, etc.</font id="red">
  • If I was taking one pair of wheels it'd be the Open Pros. You can do anything with them and by switching over the tyres they'd be suitable for all conditions and use.

    If I was taking a second pair it'd be the Protons for those nice days when you want to go out and thrash yourself!

    It looks like a nice part of the world to ride a bike - I hope you enjoy it.
  • monty_dogcpmonty_dogcp Posts: 382
    Don't forget your mudguards - it rains rather a lot in Vancouver! Tyre choice depends heavily on the season rather than limiting yourself to one pair.
  • JokullJokull Posts: 248
    Well, I'm leaning towards the Open Pros. I think I'm going to have to get used to changing the tyres depending on my activity, rather than just banging in a different pair of wheels. The Record hubs are very nice though, and I'm sure I'll feel guilty about using them throughout the winter (over here I mostly commute on the Aksiums).

    Thats a good point about the mudguards Monty! At least my bike is built to take them.
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