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10 mille TT Pro times??

FloodcpFloodcp Posts: 190
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Just wondered what sort of time would a pro cyclist do a 10 mile TT in? Perhaps someone like Lance Armstrong or David Millar?

Having done a 10 in 25.15 last night (on a hard course apparently) I just want to find out how far away from them I really am..

Anyone any idea?



  • Wiggins did a 17:58 earlier this year.

    So I suspect a real TT specialist would knock a bit off that too.
  • FloodcpFloodcp Posts: 190
    I've a bit to go then!!!
  • Tom ButcherTom Butcher Posts: 3,830
    Wiggins is pretty much a specialist isn't he ? The kind of times Boardman and Wiggins were/are doing is going to be more or less top end of what the pros could do.

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  • Take Boardman as the very zenith of what a TT specialist could do since he a) Raced in the pro peleton and b) raced on standard UK TT courses.

    Compare yourself to him to get a good idea of what a top pro can do (in fact he was better than any other pro at TTs but you might as well consider the best). He has down a (long) 45 minute 25 mile TT and a (short) 18 minute 10 mile TT....[:0]

    A 25 sounds very respectable for a sporting course but it might be a way off protour standards still.
  • couscouscouscous Posts: 71
    Mr Millar has been known to ride the High Wycombe club 10s occasionally. Last year he managed a 19:04 on their Longwick course [:0]

    "Racing is life, anything before or after is only waiting"
    "Racing is life, anything before or after is only waiting"
  • monty_dogcpmonty_dogcp Posts: 382
    Often the TT courses at stage races are designed to be spactator-friendly rather than for times i.e. include turns, unlike out-and-back UK courses on dual-carriageways and getting a draft from heavy traffic. Wiggins 17:58 was done on a fixed gear too.
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