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Short stack track headsets?

bolyboly Posts: 71
edited May 2007 in Workshop
Just discovered that I pnly have about 26.5mm of thread available to fit a headset on my restoration project Claud Butler. Given that its a 1" quill stem, I'm a bit limited. I'm told that track headsets are short stack and might fit but my LBS look at me as if I'm crazy. Can anybody give me any advice please. Thanks


  • PirahnaPirahna Posts: 1,315
    A quick Google shows St John Street Cycles do a Tange headset with a 30.2 stack for œ12.99. After that it's Shimano with a 37.6 stack.
  • bolyboly Posts: 71
    Thanks Pirhana, am I correct in measuring my stack requirements by removing all races and bearings and crowns and measuring what thread is left jutting above the head when the forks are fully inserted? That seems logical to me but .....
    I'd stil need to shave 4mm off somewhere to get a 30.2 stackto fit.
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