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Any tips for stopping rattle from SKS (P65?) guards? All bolts well and truly done up but there`s an anoying [:(]rattle from the bracket on the guard itself, both F&R; lovely smooth quiet bike[:D], on rougher roads rattle, rattle, rattle[:(] do I get peace and quiet??!! (ps to forestall any ` get rid of them, I always use mudguards)

JamesB MTB


  • Hi there, funnily enough I have the same problem, after putting on some SKS "Commuter" guards on my new Dawes Sardar. Thought it might be linked to the front secuclips but they are as tight as possible. Does get on your nerves after a while! Would appreciate any expertise to enquirer and myself :-)
  • Small rubber O-ring washers behind all bolt heads help - but not if specifically the bracket. Direct fixing is of course best, but you could try some bits of old inner tube in any obvious bracket/guard contact points?

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  • Got it sorted now!! squeezed bracket sides together, put on some UHU type glue, then reopened bracket sides....leaving a rubbery solution between the rattly bits (stays / bracket / plastic of guard) ...peace and quiet, I`ll see how it lasts now!

    JamesB MTB
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