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elvisparsleyelvisparsley Posts: 135
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Has anyone had experience of getting a new bike on insurance after having it nicked, particularly if they have been covered by Marks and Spencer home insurance? I only have sketchy details so far but they have agreed that I am covered and are passing me onto some bike supplier or something who will arrange the supply of a replacement. Would this be a straight swap if possible or do I have any choice in the matter? I had a Ridgeback Genesis 00, 18 months old but did upgrade the wheels, stuck on it bar ends, skewers, lights and stuff. I have no real evidence for anything I bought. How can the value be proved?


  • gbbgbb Posts: 1,240
    They do prefer some documentary evidence, but i claimed for locks lights etc without problems. That said, if your wheels were expensive, you may have a problem.
    Have you any photographs ? That will suffice in some cases, if the details can be seen.

    Some insurers have prefered suppliers of replacements, as your appears to, but i convinced my insurer some years ago to allow me to buy from my prefered location.

    Chill out, fer Christsakes....

    Chill out, fer Christsakes....
  • DLBDLB Posts: 631
    I would ask if you can buy the replacement yourself and see what they say. If you get a 'no' you are no worse off.

    Not cycling related but similar - i claimed on my house insurance for a digital camera that had been damaged. They put me through to a company who were going to send me a similar one until i asked if i could just have a cheque and buy it myself. The cheque arrived the next day.

    *** Whether you think you can or think you can't, you're probably right ***
    *** Whether you think you can or think you can\'t, you\'re probably right ***
  • elvisparsleyelvisparsley Posts: 135
    I did ask them and it all turned out very well indeed. Ta for your very handy advice
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