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I am having problems finding someone (preferably in North London) to braze a set of track ends onto an old steel road frame for me. Shorter Rochford Cycles kindly offered to put me in touch with a guy called Barry who does occasional brazing work for them, but they haven't got a contact number for him. They are apparently reliant on him popping into the shop from time to time, when they have promised to give him my contact details. Unfortunately I have heard nothing for two weeks now. Does anybody out there know who 'Barry' is by any chance, or how to contact him - or can anyone recommend someone else who might be willing to take on the job?
Any help or guidance greatly appreciated.


  • Its south London but Mario Vaz is yer man. I was over there for a respray a couple of weeks ago and he tells me he (or rather his brother who does all the frame mods) is doing 3 track end conversions a week at the mo.

    Mario - work 0208 - 852 0711
    mobile 0795 - 631 4216

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