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Shimano shifters, bike refurbishment

kilokilo Posts: 174
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I am just about to start doing up an oldish road bike. At present it has a Dura Ace 8 speed SIS rear mech and a 105 front and was running on a seven speed block on a 105 hub. It has a 7 speed indexed shifter for the rear mech fitted on tri bars. My aim is to to get rid of thes bars and get back to conventional dropped bars.
I intend to use a Shimano 8 speed block on Mavic Aksiums. I have fitted this rear wheel and run it and it fits into the frame ok and the rear mech goes up and down seven of the eight gears. The chain looks quite close to the drop out but does not appear to be touching. My questions are; Can any Campag levers work on this combination, Shimano seem horrendously expensive and are there likely to be any problems with the chain being close to the frame.
Given the cost of Shimano levers and the fact that this is a spare bike to be done up on the cheap(ish) would it be more viable dumping the fitted kit and just getting some base level Camapg kit (provided they'll be ok with a shimano 8 speed block)?
Any advice gratefuly received.


  • hamstercphamstercp Posts: 639
    Yes, Campag 10 levers pull exactly the same amount of cable as Shimano 8 - by coincidence!

    So keep the Shimano mech and fit Campag 10 shifters. This mix is well proven.

    "It must be true, I saw it on the Internet!"
    "It must be true, I saw it on the Internet!"
  • CyclistmCyclistm Posts: 758
    If you sort the stop screw's on the rear mech it will also change across all gears.
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