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I am getting confused by bike sizing I am 6ft 1 and have been to 1 or 2 lbs who have said I need a 56cm frame (however i used to ride a 22" frame years ago when i was racing). But I like the look of the Focus on Wiggle & Trek 1400 or Specialzed allez elite. I have e-mailed Wiggle and Evans who say I need a 58cm frame confused, or should I get bikefitted at my lbs in Birmingham?


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    I hink you have answered your own question[;)] <u></u> will find you the nearest shop to you,unless you already know that your LBS offers this service.

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    I think it is always best to go to your LBS, unless you know for sure what will fit


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    Height difference is only a general indication for bike size. I am over 6ft2" and I need a 60cm bike with at least 59cm top tube and a 120mm stem or my knees would hit the handlebars when out of the saddle.

    A warning about LBS as most are great and will set you up and have a wealth of knowledge they also run a business and will try and fob you off with their preferred bike suppliers and 'rubbish' other makes. Go to another and get they same story about other bikes.

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    i agree with Brian B. LBS' are great generally, but remember most are only licensed to sell certain bikes/frames and when measuring you, will always find one they have a bike which will suit. They are a business, it stands to reason.

    Not saying that you should, but at least if you go to an Evans etc, they have a decent selection and if you ring ahead, they should be able to get in a (close to) appropriate size that u can try. Problem is they dont have the really cool brands.
    Also, assume the salesperson knows nothing, and you can only be pleasantly surprised if he/she does
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    If it helps, I'm 6ft 1/2 inch and I ride a 58cm Specialized S-Works E5 which is perfect for me. I think the geometry is the same as an Allez. Good Luck