pics of last loop of CGF (ok sportive not race)

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If anyone is interested in looking at pics of the last loop of the Cymru Gran Fondo I have posted them in my photo album, link below.
It includes pics of Bwlch Y Groes from both sides as I did a reccie ride the day before the CGF and could not resist climbing both side [:D]
I had great difficulty getting started again on the steep bit after taking pic!! Good job there was a fence to hang on to to get clipped in or I would have to have gone back down !!

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My winter and summer bike pics


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    *double post*
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    AH yes, I remember that's the point ("view up the steep side") where I almost threw up whilst racing someone up the climb. From there to where the road disappears round the far ridge (which is quite a way from the very top) it is quite challengingly steep, considering the distance already climbed. Best to hope the wind is blowing up the valley from the south-west.

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