Give me a break!

edited May 2007 in Road beginners
Despite today's grim weather I set off this morning on the scott for a sunday blast on the roads. I rode the 11 miles to Brookmans Park wishing I had put my sealskins on (a situation that obviously got worse as the morning progressed), all rather leisurely half expecting no-one else to be there.

As it happened there were 5 of us heading out for a fast ride to Hertford and back. Much postering on the hills left me gasping at the back for most of the ride out (although I managed to ride all the hills probably a bit faster than I've managed before). I even rode the Bengeo hill out of the saddle all the way to the top!! At the furthest point out (Wadesmill) I heard my Smallville ringtone chiming away. A convenient (and first) rest stop when one of the 5 left us (he was some old timer ex-pro time trialling type guy on a stupidly expensive but rather tasty bike). I take the call - it's voicemail - 'ham, call me as soon as you get this' - now that doesn't sound good!! One return call later and I'm hearing an ambulance has been called, get back as quickly as you can, Ellis has fallen off the bunk!!

I let the guys know what has happened and they decide to ride back via the Abbey and to keep the speed up!! What can I say, worry spurring me on to silly speeds, coupled with atrocious weather (I became hysterical it was soooo wet - brilliant!), some of the worst driving I've seen (almost 4 offs, blind pull-outs, plenty of fingers raised and abuse hurled), and almost home when a huge hole in the road sees me puncture and my handlebars do a quick rotation upwards with the jolt. A fast tube change and off again, with me storming to the front as we near the Abbey (a steady 30mph no less even if it was only for 30 seconds!!). The others peel off and I'm home, dried and out to PA Hospital, Harlow where my sweet baby girl has her left arm plastered!!!

Quite a morning!!