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Mavic Ksyrium SL wheels - how 2 adjust cones

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actually a few years old now (so probably the SSC SLs of 2005 and before).

how do I adjust the cones on the front wheel as there is some play?


  • leadsocksleadsocks Posts: 827
    They don't have cones as such, but play can be taken up by tightening the collars by the axle that have several evenly spaced holes that accept the pin spanner that comes with the wheels. If you don't have this spanner, like me, you can do this by carefully using a punch and moving by hand. In the same way as cones, tighten each side evenly until there is no play but wheel stills rotates smoothly.
  • You have to use the spanner in conjunction with an allen key on the other side of the axle.
  • Much thanks for that.

    Here's more detailed instructions:

    - dig out plastic mavic spanner with pins for the side of the front hub that has holes (we''' call the bit with holes a "cone", and a 10mm hex key (10mm flat to flat?)
    - on the same side as the holes, pull on the plastic axle end piece. It should pop out, revealing a big hole in the end of the axle into which to place the 10mm hex key - do so!
    - using the spanner, turn "cone" clockwise to tighten and take out any play, but not so tight that it becomes at all rough to turn the axle in the hub.

    I had to try it several times, getting tighter each time, and eventually I only took out all the play by having a slight bit of roughness. But if they are cartridge bearings why should tightening this cause roughness in the bearings?
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