Singlespeed Conversion

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I've got an old GT mountain bike i want to convert to singlespeed to use around town but it has a 7 speed cassette and all the spacer kits I've found are for 8/9 speed. Does anyone know of any spacer kits out there I can use, or will I just have to scrounge spacers from old cassettes?



  • Some of the kits come I think with a few different width spacers: either just use the ones that give the *right* total for a 7 spd or if necessary just file one down.

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  • Try wooly hat shop on ebay, their spacers tend to be in a few different sizes, as well as an 18t and 16t cog, whereas most other manufacturers only supply 2 spacers and one cog. Failing that, use plastic waste pipe.

    If you need to use a chain tensioner, try a pull up type tensioner rather than a push down type, the bit extra wrap round the cog stops the chain slipping when you're really grinding those cranks round.

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  • Pennyfarthing
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    We messed about with the spacers that come from the kits for a while. Unless you are lucky its difficult to get a good chainline.
    In the end a trip to a cycle jumble and some old cassettes for spacers did a better job.

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  • Fretta
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    Thanks for the replies everyone. It looks like i will have to get hold of an old cassette or two then.
  • Nick Hill
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    I have a on one spacer kit I no longer need email me if your interested

    I also have a few spacers etc





    Its not a vest its a base layer!!


    Its not a vest its a base layer!!
  • jarrow_bri
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    If your bike doesn'thave sliding dropouts then a chaintensioner will be needed - on-one sell them,
    there is a fairly straight forward way of coverting the cassette, if it strips down.

    I once used a piece of plastic wastepipe (the stuff the runs from your kitchen sink into the drain)cut to the right length to give the appropriate spacing, sandwich the cog between that and another piece cut to fill up the width of the cassette then use the lockring to fix in position.

    It does work.

    I messed about with the gearing and found that for commuting I used a 42 x 16t set up.

    The most important thing is chain alignment.

    It is possible to though, with the right gear set up to make a single speed without the need for a tensioner, I think I read somewhere that you can get half chain links to make this possible.

    good luck.
  • Aunty Rubbish
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    I've got the On-One conversion kit but ended up using a horrid mongo-mash of old sprockets to space the hub as the kit was too wide for my 9spd Ultegra hub. Seems to work ok but you might have to do some juggling to get the spacing just so. Your LBS can probably supply an assortment of spacers for pennies if you ask them nicely.

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