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Too many bikes to choose from

quadrupiclequadrupicle Posts: 5
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Hey all

I've been talking to a bunch of salesmen, been to stores and picked up lots of folders etc. Roaming the web and forums for the last couple of days trying to decide what bike to chose. I've compiled a list of what I think is interesting bikes but there are too many - and I'm still a newbie in this area so i have a hard time just narrowing it down. Would greatly appreciate some help here.

I will use it to get to and from work each day, other than that i will take it on some touring trips a couple of times per year - mostly to pretty dense-populated modern countries in western europe so it's not a must to have a steel rack etc.

Trek 520 ... 432000&f=6

KONA SUTRA 2006 (is there a 2007 version?)

Cannondale Touring Ultra ... -7TS2.html

Cannondale Touring Classic ... l-7TR.html

Cannondale Touring Rohloff Ultra (pretty expensive) ... -7TS1.html

Cannondale T200 ... -7TR2.html

Cannondale T800 ... -7TR8.html

Specialized Sequoia Elite

Specialized Sequoia

The following 3 brands have so many models my head hurts. If i would even try to google up each part to compare with my minimal experience I wouldn't have time to go anywhere this summer :(

Stevens bikes

I live next to a dealer who sells Cannondale, Trek and Specialized. They also got Scott, Nishiki and Giant bicycles but I haven't seen any touringmodels among their bikes, maybe I'm just blind:

I dont think it's worth the extra money for the rohloff version of canondale as I'm not going to china anytime soon - but what do i know.. I-m prepared to put some money into this bike but only if it's worth it :rolleyes:

Cannondale Touring Ultra and Dawes Galaxy Ultra looks pretty cool at first sight, I'm pro canon though as i live next door to a dealer/workshop for it - but then again, im too inexperienced to sort out the bulk of all models mentioned above and would greatly appreciate any thoughts frome some experienced users - this will be my first touring bike.

Hope my ramblings make some sense - thi isn't my native language hehe.



  • pw1brownpw1brown Posts: 243
    Yes, there is a lot of choice isn't there? Some very nice bikes there among your list (I like the look of the Cannondale Classic myself). A lot of people recommend the Dawes Galaxy range for touring, also Dawes Audax for light touring. A tourer would be OK for your regular commutes too - but have you thought of getting TWO bikes, one for everyday use and the other for longer trips?
  • GadgeGadge Posts: 135

    Touring with Camping gear or just lightweight B+B?

    What is your budget?
    I'm a man of simple needs. Expensive but still simple.
  • fredderedfreddered Posts: 391
    You say that the Cannondale Rohloff is "pretty expensive" but not that it is too expensive. This implies you have approx œ2000 budget.

    Take a look at Thorn Raven Tour or Thorn Raven Sport Tour. They cost ABOUT œ1500 and are the perfect 365 day commuter and load-carrying tourer.

    Maintenance is less than any other bike (apart from single speeds).

    Best of get to own them for 3 months and return it if you don't like it. If your budget stretches that far then why wouldn;t you try one for 3 months????

    Best that can happen = You love it
    Worst that can happen = You don't love send it back and get money back.

    I have a Raven Tour. Quite simply it's just superb. I ride it all year, sometimes commuting, sometimes Audaxing, sometimes carrying full camping gear. It's never going to win any races but for most other things it's superb.

    Maintenance? I hose it down occasionally and, once a year, I add 15ml of oil to the hub. Done.
  • +1 for the Thorn
    I have the Raven Catalyst with Rohloff, used nearly every day.
    Simply amazing bike, worth every penny.



    2 Bikes
  • AnonymousAnonymous Posts: 28,799
    I love my Thorn Club Tour and after 10,000 miles and still smiling[:)]

    Non Omnis Moriar
  • thanks for the thoughts.. ive decided on a cannondalse touring classic.. i will most ptobably but a new bike when winter comes so i dont have to worry about that.
    posting a nre thread with some specifics about that bike
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