Iran to produce "Islamic bicycles"

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...specially for women, according to a snippet hidden away here.

Like the one illustrated here, in fig.14 on page 145? [:D]

How long before Iranian women are dominating international HPV racing, I wonder? [8D]


  • Might enable a few at least to travel fast enough to escape?

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    As the guy in our local middle Eastern shop in Oxford said (after seeing Barbara on her Catrike) "In my country women wouldn't be allowed to ride a bike" to which we replied "well, we won't be visiting then!" Oaf.

    Just hold it there,don't move and don't drop it, I'll be back in a while.(If it's safe).
    Just hold it there,don\'t move and don\'t drop it, I\'ll be back in a while.(If it\'s safe).