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Best wheels and tyres for sportives

geordiecpgeordiecp Posts: 113
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I have a Giant SCR 2.0 which I'm quite pleased with, but would like to upgrade the wheels to something a bit lighter (must be Shimano 9 speed compatible) and the tyres 'Kenda Contebders' don't seem great for traction. I could spend about œ200 in total for both wheel and tyre replacement. I've looked at Fulcrum Racing 5's and they seem good value. Any thoughts. I thought Continental Four Seasons might be a good tyre choice?



  • KeithGKeithG Posts: 1,010
    There was a review of wheels under œ200 not too long ago in C+ (can't remember the date) and I got a pair of Halo wheels for œ200 not including tyres or tubes of course they scored 9/10 and while fairly plain to look at, they seem pretty good and are light for the price, British too!
  • coulchercoulcher Posts: 95
    I've just put some Fulcrum Raciing 5 Evolutions on my Roubaix and definitely notice the difference over the supplied wheels. I took them out to the Alps for a week of climbing & descending. I think they were too new for the C+ reviews as they weren't in there and seem to be highly rated by all otherwise. Although as everyone says the Continentals are tough to put on and off on Fulcrums I've been a big fan of the Continental Force/Attack which I've used in lots of sportives. Met a cyclist on the South Downs yesterday who was very impressed with the Four Seasons as a winter tyre and used the Conti 4000 as his summer tyre.

    Wheels are œ148 & tyres (force/attack, 4000s or 4 seasons) œ45 at wiggle so would come in at your budget. ... heel%20Set
  • geordiecpgeordiecp Posts: 113
    Thanks for the advice. I see from other threads that the GP4000's seem to get very mixed reviews.

  • gp 4 seasons are the worst tyres ihave ever used-completely dead feeling on the road and surprisingly easy to p***ture

    michelin krylion are loads better

    id go for the fulcrums though![:D]

    nil satis nisi optimum
    nil satis nisi optimum
  • gavintcgavintc Posts: 3,009
    Conti 4000 and me did not get on. I bought a few of them when they first arrived on the scene. They did not last long with cuts appearing in the side walls. I changed to Pro Race 2 and have found them much more reliable. However, my wife has stuck with the Conti 4000 and has not had the same problems.
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